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    Why Host In Canada?

    Although the United States, and Texas in particular, is home to many of the world's largest hosting companies and is the World's biggest Internet marketplace, many Canadian, European and even American companies are now looking to Canadian web hosting companies to host their business applications. Below are some of the reasons Canadian web hosting services have become increasingly popular.

    Search Engines look for Canadian IP Addresses

    If you want to be found on the Internet and you are a Canadian company, it is important that the IP address of your web site points to a web server located in Canada. When Canadians do a search on Google, Sympatico, Yahoo or other search engines, they often choose the "Canadian Sites Only" button when searching for Canadian products or services. Without a Canadian IP Address or a .ca domain name search engines will NOT return your web site in their results. So if you are a Canadian company trying to reach the domestic market, it is important that you use a Canadian web hosting company.

    World-class Networks & Geographic Proximity to the US

    Canada is a world-leader in communications and Internet technology. Its high-performance Internet backbones are highly reliable and fully integrated with the Internet backbones in the United States. In cases like Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver, Canadian hosting facilities are actually closer and have better connectivity to major US cities than many web hosting centers in the United States.

    Surplus Electrical Power

    Canada produces a surplus of electrical power which is sold to the United States. As a result of this surplus, Canada has never suffered any of the power shortages and high energy costs seen in California and other US states. Most of the power available to Canadian data centers is clean, reliable and cheap Hydroelectric power.

    Strict Privacy Laws

    Canada has enacted strict privacy laws recognized as compliant with privacy laws in the European Union. Canadian and European companies which host in the United States, may be breaking the law if private information is not adequately protected or is made subject to American laws like the Patriot Act by hosting this information in the United States. Conversely, hosting in Canada means private information is more effectively and consistently legally safeguarded than in the United States and potentially beyond the reach of American authorities.

    Friendly Customer Service

    Canada is well known for its friendliness and focus on superior customer service.

    About Canada Web Hosting

    Canada Web Hosting is 100% Canadian owned. With operations centers in Toronto and Vancouver, Canada Web Hosting has served Canadian businesses with managed hosting services since 1998. Canada Web Hosting's administrative offices are located in beautiful Kelowna BC. All of Canada Web Hosting's pricing is in Canadian dollars. Canada Web Hosting serves customers from coast to coast and in all major cities across Canada: Vancouver, BC | Calgary, Alberta | Edmonton, Alberta | Regina, Saskatchewan | Winnipeg, Manitoba | Toronto, Ontario | Ottawa, Ontario | Montreal, Quebec | Halifax, Nova Scotia | Charlettown, PEI | St John's, Newfoundland.