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  • No Downtime Network:

    Cisco Powered

    Canada Web Hosting stands behind its 100% Cisco powered network! Using BGP4 and the Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP) to ensure complete redundancy, no single link or router failure will ever interrupt your Internet connection.

    100% Network Uptime and Performance Guarantee

    Should the Internet become unavailable at any time or network latency exceed published standards by +1 ms then customers will receive a refund on their monthly reoccurring fee. Customer will also receive an additional refund for each 30 minutes of additional network unavailability or high latency. See Service Agreement for details.

    Multiple Tier 1 Backbone Carriers

    Canada Web Hosting's network is engineered to support mission-critical web applications. It connects to the Internet backbone via redundant OC-24 and OC-48 fiber connections to MCI, Cable & Wireless, Global Crossing and other leading telecommunications companies. To ensure your packets are delivered to end users at full speed, we actively probe and monitor key peering points around-the-clock for latency and packet loss. Outbound traffic bound for heavily congested parts of the public Internet are rerouted in real-time.

    Clear Channel Network Performance

    To maximize network performance, Canada Web Hosting uses the Peer 1 Clear Channel Private Network to speed connections between key hubs on the Internet in Canada, the United States and Europe. The Clear Channel network links Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, New York, Chicago, San Jose, and London with one-hop connectivity. The result is the fastest, most direct connection possible to the public Internet backbone in North America and Europe.

    Lowest Network Latency Guaranteed

      Peer1 Clear Channel Network
    • Toronto to Vancouver 56ms...
    • Toronto to Chicago 18ms ...
    • Montreal to Toronto 10ms...
    • Vancouver to Seattle 6ms...
    • Montreal to New York 10ms...

    Private Network Segments

    Canada Web Hosting divides its network into private segments. Each segment is connected to the edge of network via redundant GigE fiber links for maximum performance, reliability and the ability to manage large spikes in Internet traffic. Each private segment is monitored continuously and protected by load balanced firewalls and an advanced Intrusion Detection System.