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  • Internap Intelligent Routing:

    Network performance management is one of the challenges many web hosting companies face. While most of the web hosting companies use BGP4 method to route network traffic, which looks for the fewest hops between point A and B, but not necessarily the best performance route, Canada Web Hosting utilizes Internap™ FCP (Flow Control Platform) intelligent routing technology, which uses dynamic route optimization selecting the best path with the lowest network congestion and latency to provide customers with the fastest, most reliable network performance available.

    Key Internap Features

    1. Help customers quickly resolve complaints with their end-users
    2. Provide customers with enhanced reporting of both real-time and historic events
    3. Measure utilization by source IP address, destination IP address or application
    4. Redeploy technical resources to focus on feature enhancement rather than manual BGP problem resolution
    5. Utilize intelligent routing as a competitive edge when pursuing new clients

    Network Latency and Packet Loss

    Internap™ actively monitors the Internet and re-routes traffic around problem points, resulting in a 30-50% reduction in network latency and packet loss. What does this mean to you as a Canada Web Hosting customer? You experience improved network and application performance with increased end-user customer satisfaction. An enhanced reporting system allows Canada Web Hosting to provide customers with reports for real time or historic events, allowing quick resolution to any questions you may have.

    Premise Based Route Optimization

    Despite increased demand for a consistent, reliable network to support business-critical applications, traffic performance across the Internet remains unpredictable, suffering from frequent congestion and network failures. Premise-based route optimization using the Internap™ Flow Control Platform™ (FCP) is an entirely new approach to solving this middle-mile dilemma. The FCP solution allows organizations to exploit the reliability inherent in multi-homing, while achieving predictable performance and optimizing bandwidth costs. The result is consistent end-to-end network performance for business-critical applications hosted by Canada Web Hosting.

    Best Network Performance

    Internap's patent-pending technologies guarantee that optimal network performance can be delivered by Canada Web Hosting consistently. Through simple Web management tools, Canada Web Hosting can define policies based on its Client's needs. Client's with applications sensitive to high latency can be selected for the maximum end-to-end performance routing, while normal traffic can be routed according to normal service level agreements. Internap provides the only route control solution that can guarantee performance across all destinations to all customers.

    Unparalleled Network Insight

    The Internap™ FlowView™ module gives Canada Web Hosting easy-to-use Web-based reporting. Cost summaries, network performance histories, and troubleshooting data can quickly and easily be shared with customers. With these reports, Canada Web Hosting can consult with customers on network decisions that can make or break application performance over the Internet.

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