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  • Tenzing's Everest Cloud

    Ideal for early stage and high growth SaaS and Ecommerce organizations that favor agility and control over strict process, the Everest Cloud provides you with the flexibility and control of a Public Cloud environment.

    1. Enterprise-class cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service
    2. Hardware-based security and scalability
    3. Complete customization and control
    4. Easy integration
    5. 24x7 live support
    6. 100% availability guaranteed
    7. Flexible and competitive pricing plans to suit every business

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    Cloud Servers
    Everest Cloud Servers are secure virtual machines hosted on physical servers in the Tenzing Cloud. Cloud servers are delivered from a top-tier datacenter facility in Ashburn, VA. Each Cloud Server can be configured with up to 8 CPUs, 64 GB of RAM and 2.5 TB of Storage.

    Cloud Files
    Everest Cloud Files provide an API-based file storage solution for secure storage and retrieval of data from anywhere with Internet connectivity. Files are securely stored in encrypted format and are accessible via SSL-encrypted API calls. Each account can be configured to store up to 10 TB of data.

    Everest Cloud Networks
    Each Everest Cloud Server sits on a customer-specific Layer 2 network VLAN on a Cisco switch providing both high security and sub-millisecond performance, including:

    1. VPN access
    2. Firewalls
    3. Load balancing
    4. Network Address Translation (NAT)
    5. Multicast
    6. Denial of Service (DoS and DDoS) Protection
    7. Carrier-class switching infrastructure

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